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Business & Life Coaching

Life Coaching: Life has thrown you some curve balls, some unexpected challenges and you need to talk about it. You talk, I ask questions, you come up with a solution you want  to live with. We can do one session or as many sessions as you would like. Click here to purchase. We meet on FaceTime, Facebook Chat or Zoom or on the Phone.

Business Coaching: Business brainstorming session, looking for an objective opinion, some feedback about your brilliant idea, a business challenge that is bothering you. I am here to listen as you resolve and move forward the way you want. Book a session Here.


Broadcast Interview  Coaching

Your on-camera presence is everything. How you look, what you say, the angle and type of camera and lighting and background and audio - they tell your audience who you are!


Learn how to set up your studio, your background, your audio, video, lighting, how to modulate your voice, your image, your look, and you goal for the video. How do you want to be remembered? Let's talk about it.

Sessions include coaching and walking you through what to purchase to set up your on-camera presence.


Click here to purchase one Coaching session. You will need more than one session. 

Click here to purchase a 1-hour on-camera Interview with me, featuring your business, produce and/or service, once you have completed your on-camera coaching.


Book Coach
& Editor

You need help writing, editing and/or self-publishing your book on Amazon and Kindle? I am the perfect coach for the job since I have personally self-published 8 books and many books for others. Ask away! We will get it done!


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Your Astrology and Numerology are important to fulfilling your life's purpose. Knowing what your strengths are and where your weaknesses are will help you to be prepared for whatever life throws your way. Understanding the meaning of your North Node and what that has to do with fate, destiny and your soul's mission will be life changing.

I love reading natal astrology charts. it's been a passion of mine since I was 11 years old - and that was a long time ago! To have a reading, I need your birthday, birth month, birth year, birth time, and birth place. If you do not have any idea what time you were born we can still do the reading but it will not be as accurate. We meet on Zoom and I record it and send you the recording. I try to keep it to one hour but usually runs longer. 

Click Here to Purchase and I will be in touch to schedule a good time that works for both of us. Thank you.