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If You're Ready to have a

Millionaire Mindset

and *Bring Your A Game*

to your business...

Then, let's get started in helping you:

  • build your empire,

  • attract your idea client

  • build your confidence,

  • improve your net worth,

  • connect with your goals,

  • write your book!

Meet April

Certified Life Coach, #1 Bestselling Author,

Professional Broadcaster & Business Consultant

I'm from Maryland, attended Utah State University. I published my first book in 2011 and my most recent book in 2019, although I am always working on a book! I graduated in 2007 from the Coach Training Alliance to be a Certified Life Coach and focus on business, book and broadcasting. I am an "A List" professional broadcaster & Talk Show Host, since 2009.


If you're ready to *BRING YOUR A GAME* to your business, book, broadcasting - then I am looking forward to working with you! I enjoy supporting entrepreneurs who want to work hard to achieve their goals - including the Millionaire Mindset! 

My Millionaires rock the business world with achieving sought after clients, producing sales beyond their wildest dreams and creating streams of income that keep them more than comfortable!​

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