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The Book Publishing Process

This is What We Do to Publish Your Book

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Write Your Book

  • You write your book as a word document, single spaced, approximately 5,000 - 7,000 words = 300 pages

  • for a 6x9 Book

  • That is the most popular size for a book,

  • but we can make it bigger.

  • If you have a webinar or a talk you've given, a recorded audio of something you'd like included in your book - we can transcribe that and include it in the book.

  • Your entire book can be transcribed from audio or video.

  • Once we have the content, the editing, formatting, reviewing process begins until everyone is satisfied.

  • We order your book cover, spine, back cover from a graphic designer and/or from Fiverr - a great resource.

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Making it Legal

  • You purchase your ISBN number from for about $150 and then you own your book and the barcode on the back.

  • The free option, however, is to use the free ISBN that Amazon provides, but then you can only sell your book on Amazon or Kindle.

  • The way around this is to purchase copies of your book (at a low price) and then place them in bookstores, and sell them at workshops, online via webinars, your website store, etc.

  • Either way, it works. It's just your choice.

  • Once we have the barcode, we can have the book cover made.

  • We also order the eBook version of your book, since most people like to have the option of reading your book as an eBook or as an actual tangible book - hard or soft cover.

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flow chart book publishing.png
flow chart book publishing.png

Review & Plan

  • Once your book is uploaded and has gone through the review process and we have the book cover/spine/back cover, barcode = once all of that is done, we can order a "Proof" copy of the book to make sure it looks the way we want it to look.

  • If the book looks great - order author copies to your heart's content. Or don't have to order any books. Just wait for book launch. 

  • We create a PDF and send it to friends who will quickly review the book and can be quoted on your landing page.

  • We plan the launch date.

  • You create graphics and strategies to market and promote your book from your Landing Page.

  • Set up and send out social media info.

  • Begin recording Book Promotion Videos and Interviews.

  • Push all of that out leading up to the Launch date of your book.

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Launch Day

  • Everything is ready to go.

  • But you begin to feel tremendous anxiety, fear, worry, exposure, scrutiny, too many people knowing who you are, you feel EXPOSED.

  • This is normal.

  • The more interviews you do, the less exposed

  • you will feel.

  • The more you reveal and show your book, the better you will feel.

  • Your book is your legacy.

  • Enjoy your day. Enjoy your time promoting your book.

  • You will always be known as a published author!

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